Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review: A Mirror Among Shattered Glass by Romarin Demetri

Book: A Mirror Among Shattered Glass

Author: Romarin Demetri

Kindle edition, 221 Pages

Published June 2nd, 2016


Unable to contain the deadly nature of her family secret and powers, nine-teen year old Romarin Demetri hails from California, U.S.A, to unearth her heritage as a descendant of serial-killer, Countess Bathory, the woman that lent Dracula his legend, and cursed Romarin with an appetite for blood. 

Unenthusiastic about relocating to her birth city of London, a charming paranormal investigator with claim to the throne could change her mind, as he leads her to the only living and distant relative she has: a raven-haired recluse named Talia, who has taken refuge in an old castle in the heart of the city, and doesn’t seem to have a heart of her own. 

After a rough introduction to the lethal, inappropriate, and enchantingly sarcastic people she calls her housemates, perhaps the other misfits will be her first true friends; However, as much as these people are like her, they still have hidden vendettas, a taste for revenge, and will struggle between what is just, and what will settle their psychological upheaval. There is only one way for Romarin to become part of the Supernatural London Underground: Can she be the one who challenges them to put down their ghosts and demons and make their world together?


Perfect blend of fantasy and reality, I found the story to be very intriguing with a flowing story-line and well written relatable characters. I only criticism I have is the cover art, it isnt something that stands out to me. I'm glad I decided to look past the cover and give the story a chance. It was worth it because I can't wait to pick up the next installment!

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