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Book Blitz: True or Dare by Elizabeth Morgan

Book Blitz - Truth or Dare - Elizabeth Morgan 
Book - Truth or Dare 
Author - Elizabeth Morgan 
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Do you dare tell the truth?

A tequila fuelled game of Truth or Dare is not Dani’s idea of fun, but when Cameron, the jerk who rejected her a year ago is the one provoking her into playing, how can she say no? Not that he’s giving her the option in the first place.

Bravado compels her forward, but when the dares get physical and their friends leave them alone, Cameron’s questions turn to her feelings for him, and unfortunately, lying is not part of the game.

Will a dare give Dani the courage she needs to tell Cameron the truth?

This title contains explicit language and graphic sex.
Note: This is a previously published title. No changes have been made to the story.

Length: 10,000 words/ 37 pages 
Content: Erotic Romance
Publisher: Elizabeth Morgan

“Well, if it’s finally just the four of us, I think it’s about time I gave Dani her house warming gift.” Cameron walked over to my TV cabinet and reached behind the television set.
“I’d say ‘how nice,’ but knowing you, this is probably going to be something that will end up in my bin.”
“Fine with me, as long as we get to drink it first.” Straightening, he turned with a bottle of tequila in his grasp.
“Way to go, bro.” Benjamin saluted him with his beer.
I cocked an eyebrow at him. “I think that’s more a present for you than me, Cameron.”
“It’s a present for all of us.” He walked to the coffee table and placed the bottle down. “I thought it would be a good idea if we christened your new place.”
Suggestion flooded his eyes. It took every ounce of sanity I owned not to squirm under his piercing gaze or let my imagination run away with how tempting such an offer was.
“What, with vomit?”
He fell back into the armchair. “I was thinking more along the lines of a little tequila-fuelled truth or dare.”
Kat giggled. “Oh, that sounds fun.”
“What are we, fourteen-year-olds?” I glanced between them all.
His lips twitched. “What’s the matter, Dani? Afraid you’re going to have to do something you might like?”
My stomach flipped. Every fibre in my body told me this was a bad idea, but no way would I let this jerk-off laugh at me over a stupid high school game.
“If you’re scared—”
“I ain’t afraid of anything.”
A slow smile crawled across his face. “I dare you to prove it.”
A string of “ohs” floated from Benjamin and Katherine, followed by more giggling.
God help me.
“Fine.” Pushing myself up, I collected some of the bottles from the coffee table. “I will go get the shot glasses, salt, and limes.”
He relaxed into the chair. “That’s my girl.”
“I’m not your girl, arsehole.”
Walking through the open doorway in to the kitchen, I dropped the empty bottles into the recycle bin, then grabbed a couple of limes from the fruit bowl.
What the hell was I doing? It was late. I had every right to kick them out. Ben and Cam would tease me, but fuck them. This was my flat. I could do whatever the hell I wanted. I didn’t have to play stupid games.
Taking a knife from the block, I halved each lime and then again until they were in segments before throwing them in a nearby, semi-clean bowl.
I wandered over to my glass cupboard and reached up on tiptoes to find the cluster of tumblers. A large hand landed on my hip. An incoherent squeak left me as every muscle in my body went skywards.
I gripped the cupboard shelf with a harsh curse. “What the fuck?”
Fingertips skimmed the band of my jeans. Solid muscle pressed me into the kitchen counter.
“Didn't mean to scare you.” Amusement lit Cameron’s voice. “Just wanted to see if you needed any help?”
Words seemed to escape me at the feel of his rough fingertips dancing along my waist. An involuntary shudder shook me at the thought of his palm slipping past my waistband and knickers, of his touch wandering lower until he found my swelling clit, pinching and rubbing the bundle of nerves until I broke against my kitchen counter. My nipples tightened at the idea. God, how many times had I imagined him taking me in such a way? Working me into a frenzy before coaxing my clothes off, spreading my thighs, and burying himself inside me…
“Not from you, I don’t.” The words were shaky as I forced them past my lips.
His husky laughter rumbled through my back. He was so hot and hard, I wanted to rub against him, melt into him—and I hated myself for it.
Soft lips pressed against my ear. “Why are you so stubborn?”
“Why are you so impatient? Can’t a girl cut limes and grab glasses in peace?”
He slipped his hand round to my stomach, playing with the button on my jeans. My legs quivered.
“Are you sure you want to play?” His voice dropped to a soft growl. “I can think of so many other ways you and me could christen your new place. Starting right here, right now.”
A ragged breath left me. He slid his hand from under my T-shirt, walked his fingers up my arm, and then reached into the cupboard. He pinned me to the counter, and I had to cut off a groan at the feel of his impressive erection digging in to my arse.
“What do you say?”
I clenched my thighs together at the feel of moisture flooding my knickers. My eyelids fluttered shut. “I say the day I agree to such activities with you will be the day Hell freezes over.”
He laughed, low and rough. “You want to play the hard way, I’m game.”
My eyelids snapped open at the sound of glass hitting wood. Glancing down, I saw four tumblers in his grasp on the counter beside me.
“But who knows what I might ask you,” he continued.
“Ask whatever you want.” Lowering my arm, I glanced over my shoulder. “You don’t scare me.”
His lips twisted. “Don’t say I didn’t give you a chance.”

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About the Author:

Elizabeth Morgan is a multi-published author of urban fantasy, paranormal, erotic horror, f/f, and contemporary; all with a degree of romance, a dose of action and a hit of sarcasm, sizzle or blood, but you can be sure that no matter what the genre, Elizabeth always manages to give a unique and often humorous spin to her stories.

Like her tagline says; A pick ‘n’ mix genre author. “I’m not greedy. I just like variety.”
And that she does, so look out for more information on her upcoming releases at her website: www.e-morgan.com

Away from the computer, Elizabeth can be found in the garden trying hard not to kill her plants, dancing around her little cottage with the radio on while she cleans, watching movies or good television programmes – Dr Who? Atlantis? The Musketeers? Poldark? American Horror Story? Heck, yes! – Or curled up with her two cats reading a book.

Where to find Elizabeth Online:
Website: www.e-morgan.com

Twitter: @EMorgan2010
Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorElizabethMorgan/
Blood Series Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheBloodSeries/
Zazzle: http://www.zazzle.co.uk/elizabeth_morgan

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