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Blog Tour: Divine Grace by Virginia Cantrell

Title: Divine Grace 
Author: Virginia Cantrell 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 
Release Date: May 12, 2018
Series: Divine Series, Book 2 
Cover Designer: Claire Smith
Editor: Hot Tree Editing
Publisher: Hot Tree Publishing
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Fallen angels and reawakened desire, promises and grudges—a stunning novel in Virginia Cantrell’s Divine series continues, featuring Inaya and Trevin as they race to save the world of the Nephilim from a deadly enemy.

Adopted into the royal family, Inaya has never felt like she belonged, but when the kingdom is overthrown, the Nephilim look to her for guidance. In order to save all she holds dear, she must join forces with the soldier who broke her heart and destroyed her belief in love.

Driven by duty and haunted by the past, Trevin doesn’t make mistakes… until Inaya. His misguided honor cost him the courageous, impulsive beauty he swore to protect. With Inaya needing him now more than ever, he has the chance to prove his worth. But it may be too late to earn back her trust.

An unearthly enemy, the fallen angel Lahash, has vowed to destroy the Nephilim to right the sins of his past. With his plan set in motion and his fate tied to Inaya’s, the world of the Nephilim will never be the same.

As soon as they entered the dining area, Caeden’s eyes were immediately drawn to Amira, just as Inaya had known they would be. He wasted no time approaching and requesting a private moment with Amira. Inaya gave her an encouraging smile before she left them to, hopefully, sort things out.

A hand snapped forward and firmly grabbed Inaya’s arm as she entered the seating area, effectively stopping her at the entryway. She barely withheld a yelp, which would no doubt attract everyone’s attention. Jerking her head to the right, she found eyes the color of molten chocolate staring down at her, threating to draw her into their spell.

“Trevin.” It came out as a husky whisper.

“The seating arrangements could not be altered, but I trust you will take heed of our earlier conversation. You may be polite, but you will not pursue Sorin’s attention,” Trevin decreed.

Inaya ripped her arm from his grasp. “I don’t need you to instruct me on how to behave. I’ve been adequately put in my place once already today and reminded not to interfere with my betters.”

“How’s that?” His body was tense and his eyes fierce.

She felt a flutter in her lower belly, the unwanted attraction flaring at his intensity and show of strength. She shifted away from him and tried for a look of indifference. “Nothing for you to worry about.”

Trevin quickly scanned the room before his eyes came back to her. “We’ll discuss it later.” His warm hand settled on the small of her back as he escorted Inaya to her seat. “For now, safeguard yourself from unnecessary trouble, for both of us,” he said the last on a whisper in her ear as he helped her settle in her seat before taking his position across the room to stand guard. Her eyes followed him the entire way.

“I didn’t realize this was a charity event.” Sorin’s snide comment reached her from across the table, as he had intended.

Inaya was temporarily distracted by Marcelle choking on her water at Sorin’s comment, but quickly turned back to address him. “Meaning?”

“Meaning the rest of us are forced to endure the company of a street urchin,” he gave her a scathing once-over before continuing, “because King Vidar is weak-willed and gullible, which works out well for you, but is unfortunate for the rest of us.”

Inaya could practically feel the hatred being thrown at her through Sorin’s words. Her brief interactions with him in the past hadn’t been pleasant, but never had he spoken to her in this manner before. Too stunned to speak, she glanced to the head of the table where King Vidar sat conversing with Lord Donovan, Lady Ferrara, and Kearney, the new scout.

Inaya was grateful the king hadn’t heard the slight against him, but as the shock wore off, indignation and hurt began to surface, quickly followed by untamed fury. Just as she opened her mouth, ready to let this arrogant swine know exactly what she thought of him, Amira came sweeping in the room, gaining everyone’s attention. Always the proper princess, Amira greeted each of her guests before taking her seat at the end of the table opposite of her father.

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Divine Series, Book 1
on sale for half price

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Cover Reveal: Midlife Crisis by L.B. Dunbar

☆¸.•*¨*★☆★ COVER REVEAL ★☆★¸.•*¨*☆

Who’s ready for more silver foxes in another romance for the over 40?

Midlife Crisis Another romance for the over 40 L.B. Dunbar Happening May 23.
Special thank you to: Cover Design: Shanoff Designs Cover Model: Tom Ernsting @tomernsting on IG


Midge Everette.
I'm forty-one today. It's my birthday, And I'm crying over burnt toast. That's not some euphemism. Literally, I'm sobbing over stupid bread, so I call a crisis center. I just need someone to talk to about life. Only I recognize the smoky voice of the man on the line. In the name of all things, don't let it be...
Hank Paige.
As a former rock star, I once had it all. Fame. Fortune. Females. Except for the one thing I wanted most. I lost everything. Cancer took the girl. Now, I fix cars and restore other people's dreams. I just want to be somebody's someone. And there's a certain woman with captivating eyes, I want to fulfill my dreams. For the love of all things, please let it be her...
In the midst of questioning everything, could love be the resolution to a midlife crisis?

~~~~~~~~ If you loved Tommy Carrigan in After Care meet his best friend and former drummer, Hank, as he discovers romance in his forties.

Book 2 of the silver fox, former rock stars can be read as a standalone. But if you’d like to meet Tommy Carrigan while you wait, we highly recommend:

After Care

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New Release: Whiskey River Princess by Theresa Oliver

Title: Whiskey River Princess
Author: Theresa Oliver
Series: Whiskey River Brides #3
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: May 5, 2018
Cover Designer: RMGraphX
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She’s looking for adventure in the West, but discovers more. He’s sure he’ll never find love, until she lands at his door. Together, Gabriella and Dirk will discover a spark that even a blizzard can’t quench.
Gabriella Grimaldi is new to Whiskey River—a quiet frontier town, where those who dream of a different life gather under the big, open sky. Escaping a life of faux friends and duty, Gabriella forsakes her life of fortune and runs away. What she gets instead is an education in the ways of the world.
Not far from town, Dirk Price is settling in for another long winter in Whiskey River, when a lost young woman shows up at his door. In the light of the fireside, Gabriella and Dirk find themselves unfreezing their chilly hearts and protecting one another against not only the cold, but from evil forces. Can they let love in, or will they turn away from happiness when danger knocks at the door?
In the depths of winter under the weight of a blizzard, return to the sleepy, snowy banks of Whiskey River, Wyoming, in A Whiskey River Princess.

An educator, writer, mother, and free spirit, Theresa Oliver’s love affair with the written word has spanned decades. An Indiana native, Theresa began the foundation of her writing career as a child. Her love of reading, writing, and creative expression guided her to seek a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, News Editorial sequence, from the University of Tennessee at Martin; and then continued on to earn a Master of Arts in Teaching degree, Early Childhood Education sequence, from Armstrong Atlantic State University. 

Her foundational experiences in childhood led her to want to create meaningful, positive experiences with reading and writing for future generations, and inspire the same love of creative expression that has been such a rewarding force behind her career and life. 

Theresa has dedicated her life to the world of writing and the creation of novels that span all levels and genres. First and foremost a mother, her greatest loves are her three beautiful boys, to whom she dedicates the success and longevity of her prolific career. Theresa currently resides in Kissimmee, Florida with her beloved husband and children.

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